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2 PCS Weight Lifting Dumbbell Power Hooks

2 PCS Weight Lifting Dumbbell Power Hooks

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Affordability Description:

Each hook can bear a maximum weight of 150kg, and a sturdy lifting hook design: 1 to 2 hooks, no need to worry about your grip! Unlike other weight lifting hooks, our hook design is particularly strong. Our hooks are made of heavy solid steel, so they can be used ruggedly and often without signs of wear. They are so powerful that they have a 600 pound pull rating!

Comfortable wrist strap packaging: Our neoprene wrist strap is particularly wide at 2 inches, which can provide you with more wrist stability and is fully padded to cushion! With high-quality fabrics and excellent touch fabrics, you can make sure you have the best!

Anti-slip coating protection: Do not let the anti-slip handle prevent you from reaching maximum weight and representation! Our deadlift straps with lifting hooks have a non-slip coating, which means you don't have to worry about the guide plate sliding or bumping in the hook.

Strong grip: Don't let grip limit your exercise and prevent you from reaching your goal. With the help of weightlifting straps, wrist grips are used to their full potential. Our deadlift straps with hooks help transfer weight from the palm to the wrist, which increases grip.


Material: Coated steel hook, rubber, nylon hook and ring

Size: 37.5 * 8cm / 14.76 * 3.15in.

Weight: 0.55 kg per pair

Features: It can help you liberate your hands, delay hand fatigue and enhance training.

Applicable to: These people with fitness needs need to increase grip strength, such as back muscle training, pull-ups, deadlifts and other sports that require increased grip strength.


One Pair x Weightlifting Hooks

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